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This is brought to you by HOUSE OF UPBEAT.

Your application as a Guest writer allows you to write anything of your choice as far as it doesn’t have political /cultural sentiments.

Your write ups describe your area of interest or niche, be it poetry, an article, motivational work, Health, etc. Express yourself freely and take your time. This is one of the criteria’s used for your screening.

(Find more answers to you questions on Instagram @houseofupbeat_writer)

Disclaimer: As guest writers you are not paid to write, but write out of free will, which is published on our website with your data as d owner of the content. Any other information will be duly passed.

Also to let you know that House of Upbeat is a platform where our views are be aired.

We have a channel/group on Telegram-Houseofupbeathubnews

If you are screened as considered by the admins you maybe given a role as an administrator in the group/ channel

House of Upbeat is basically a platform where people from different places with different ideas come together willingly to discuss various topics and issues.
We have a website where this views are displayed written by admins or guest writers.

As a developing platform, new project are in progress. And the introduction of our magazine and tracts would commence and so raw talented writers are allowed to write freely.

You Stand a Chance to:

Get your work gets published on d website for free.

Get a Guest Writers profile and join the Clan.
To win guest writer of the month.

You stand a chance to get your work published on our magazine as time goes on.

And probably be a host on an upcoming show on our radio show(a new project)

Remember dedication is key. Good luck to you

Chelsea Adaora,

Director of Guest Writers Recruitment at House Of Upbeat


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