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Incredible You- Chapter 2


I am confused what do  I do?

In this chapter am not going to bore you by giving suggestions on how to let your inner beauty surface.I would be giving direct steps on how to explore them and make it work.

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Remember this – talents, natural or learnt skills and others, are like wonderful treasures which are already set in your path to look for. People are consciously and still unconsciously waiting for exhibition, story, so why waste your time being idol.

It is good to know that everyone has different talents pursuing one goal *to be successful*. The difference here is the attitude used to approach and achieve it. It clearly shows that every human being has something which is different from others( not born the same), even the identical twins have differences in their features -be it in the way they speak, gestures, eye coordination, etc.

Most youths/teens waste their time doing nothing, I hear most say,’ am worthless, I don’t have any thing to show off ‘. Excuse me!!! O gush….

Little do you know that no one on earth is born without given at least, so to say, one talent; you just have to improve and have the right instinct and attitude.

Ok. Now listen up, there are a lot to do: I know you could sing, write, love cooking, good at artwork/ craft, good at repairing damaged objects, you’re the curious type, you invent a lot…oh yeah, it doesn’t have to be professional, you could try vocational stuffs. Imagine a lot you can do with these. Start small. Try something big!!!

Human love beautiful and wonderful things, just anything that could amuse the mind. You should seek to constantly improve your life. You can get your little experiences not only by going to school. It could be by learning from others, watching educative programs, reading books, magazines. Look for inspiration to boost your confidence. There are lots of things to be done with what you have discovered. YOU HAVE NO IDEA…


How do I write my goals?

Permit me to use the Oxford English dictionary(8th edition) to define some terms I would be using.

The first thing to do after discovering yourself is to set your goals and standard. An author wrote, “God didn’t say his commandment verbally. He wrote them down and handed it over to man(Moses). He understood the power of writing. He knew that human may deny his commandment one day, if it is not written down” . I hope you realise what that means.

To be successful at what you do, you must know what you want to achieve, you must know your goals and set standards for yourself.

In this light, Goal is something that you hope to achieve. Life is about choices, and the choice you make shapes your day, your views, your motives, your experiences, your thoughts and your life as a whole. Our crear gives us the liberty to make chioces. And for every choice we make, there is either a reward or a consequence. There are some life choices over which we have no control over or which others make for you, such as, when and where you were born, the family you are born into, your gender, your life during childhood, the elementary and high school, and so on.

From where you realise that you need to be in control of your life and you know your basic potentials; you need to set rules and laws that would govern you. A man without a purpose or plan is a failure to himself, family, friends, country, and the whole world. I know you don’t want to be like that.

Here is the outline of three basic things you need to do when you want to set your standard/goals:


A choice or judgment that you make after thinking and talking about what is best thing to do.

How do I set priorities in life?
What is the best thing to be done in my life?

One way to reject/accept success is by decision making. It all lies in the decision you make. You must decide to achieve success, in the first place, before becoming successful. Do you know you could have the all money in world and still not be successful? Give yourself an answer to that question and evaluate yourself.

Tell yourself: ‘Now I have realised, I will never become anything in life until I decide what i want to be’. Like i said earlier in chapter one , you remember?. I was like , life does mot not give you what you deserve, but get you decide, what you demand and what you are determined not less than. If you don’t stand for something you would fall for anything. Until you kmow what to reject, you cannot possess what you deserve. The rejection of failure is the starting point of the possession of success. Reject all the worst things in your life. Determine in your heart today what grades, what work, what salaries you expect and those that are acceptable to you.

What you get from life will not depend on the options available, but the choices you make. Everyday you will have the option of choosing right or wrong, to be great or to be average, to excel or fail.

Realise there are two paths

* The path of failure and frustration

* The path of success and celebration.

Just make a choice!

Now, ask you self these few questions,

How to make money fast

Do I want to(be):

Respected Disregarded/ Ignored

Great Ordinary / Little

Wealthy / Poor

Celebrated / Frustrated

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