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9 Ways to Make That Work.

The journey through life is very tough that at some point you would want to give up but remembering what you are and what you stand for keeps you going.
As Confuscus, said, “ Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising each time you fall.”
This is in agreement with the statement of Will Rogers “ You are the only one who can limit your greatness.

The first part of solving a problem is identifying it. In order to successfully solve any problem, you have to acknowledge that it exists. This consciousness has helped lots of people in surmounting the deadliest obstacle they face.
The knowledge of what life is goes a long way to determine how well you can handle the issues of life.
The simple truth is that the little you know about life the less likely you are to do exploits.

Well there are no excuses in life. Its either you succeed or you fail.
I understand that your current situation is nothing to write home about. I also understand that you seek for a way to maintain a stable and prosperous academic, social, and spiritual life. Well the major problem that have led to your present predicament is Misplaced Priorities

Your passion to change is a nice start, it’s a sign that you truly understand that your destiny is potential, i.e. it is susceptible to change.
In the race of life, what you do matters, you actually have a role to play in order to become successful.
It is possible for you to feel the urge to change and then after a day or two you forget about the resolutions you made. Well stuffs like that just shows that your passion is not good enough for your dream.

I really hope that you won’t misuse the information in this article or just read it and practice it for just a couple of days.
If you truly want a change it has to come from the inside. You can be the best. It’s possible. It is also possible to maintain a constant academic and social life but it’s going to require discipline and determination.

Why get temporarily motivated when you can make a life time change and succeed in successive success?

Please do the following and be the man God wants you to be once again.

1. As much as possible stay close to God. Your level of success is directly proportional to your relationship with God. Its obvious that you are experiencing frictions in different facets of your life simply because God has been misplaced in your Scala Naturae

2. Sleeping is for those who are broke. Sleep when it is necessary, otherwise toil. Trust me if you know what’s ahead you would start toiling and preparing now.

3. Have a planned routine for each day. There should be a schema of how your day is run. Don’t just live a day based on the inspiration that you get for that day. What if the inspiration doesn’t come for that day?

4. Each step you take, ask yourself “does this hastens the journey to my dream or does it just derail my plans?” Like Billy Graham said “Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.

5. Don’t think, jot it down, before you wake, try writing your goals for that day, this should be done preferable after praying. It is going to really help you organize your day.

6. Understand that not everything that seems to be an opportunity actually is, it may be a test that you can only pass by letting such demonic privileges just go.

7. Try re-evaluating yourself especially when you think you missed it.

8. Try talking less and thinking more. Lead a purpose driven life with a time conscious mentality, don’t ever misuse your time.

9. Don’t allow anything to distract you. Learn to despise excuses and try embracing hard work and diligence. The reward awaits if you would be willing to accept the mission.

In summary,

Your attitude determines your altitude, a bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can’t go anywhere except you change it. Hence the importance of a good attitude cannot be over emphasized.

Only you can do this!!!


She Writes. Founder, House of Upbeat. Copy the link to read my book INCREDIBLE YOU.

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