Nominated for the Liebester Award

Hooray, I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award A huge thank you to Mental Health 360 at for nominating me for the Liebester Award.!!! She has a blog on mental health and her content is amazing. Her posts are also quite fun and entertaining. She is not only a wonderful blogger but a lovely,Continue reading “Nominated for the Liebester Award”

5 simple ways to master the Art of Self Discovery.

… BEGINNING– The dreamy days I came across a note book that seemed so familiar. Quickly, I went through it and by the time I was at the last pages, I was smiling widely and giggling. Here is what I saw in that old book of about 4years: For my school— Lord, decide the courseContinue reading “5 simple ways to master the Art of Self Discovery.”

…BECOMING- The birth of the Journey.

Growing up, there was a lively child, … shy sometimes, bold at times. More like an introverted-extrovert. Lol. Introvert as a primary temperament and extroverted while around people she was comfortable with. My primary temperament made me a deep thinker and at age 2, I could say things that made adults wonder. By age 6,Continue reading “…BECOMING- The birth of the Journey.”