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Incredible You- Chapter 2


I am confused what do  I do?

In this chapter am not going to bore you by giving suggestions on how to let your inner beauty surface.I would be giving direct steps on how to explore them and make it work.

Read the previous chapter on INCREDIBLE YOU

Remember this – talents, natural or learnt skills and others, are like wonderful treasures which are already set in your path to look for. People are consciously and still unconsciously waiting for exhibition, story, so why waste your time being idol.

It is good to know that everyone has different talents pursuing one goal *to be successful*. The difference here is the attitude used to approach and achieve it. It clearly shows that every human being has something which is different from others( not born the same), even the identical twins have differences in their features -be it in the way they speak, gestures, eye coordination, etc.

Most youths/teens waste their time doing nothing, I hear most say,’ am worthless, I don’t have any thing to show off ‘. Excuse me!!! O gush….

Little do you know that no one on earth is born without given at least, so to say, one talent; you just have to improve and have the right instinct and attitude.

Ok. Now listen up, there are a lot to do: I know you could sing, write, love cooking, good at artwork/ craft, good at repairing damaged objects, you’re the curious type, you invent a lot…oh yeah, it doesn’t have to be professional, you could try vocational stuffs. Imagine a lot you can do with these. Start small. Try something big!!!

Human love beautiful and wonderful things, just anything that could amuse the mind. You should seek to constantly improve your life. You can get your little experiences not only by going to school. It could be by learning from others, watching educative programs, reading books, magazines. Look for inspiration to boost your confidence. There are lots of things to be done with what you have discovered. YOU HAVE NO IDEA…


How do I write my goals?

Permit me to use the Oxford English dictionary(8th edition) to define some terms I would be using.

The first thing to do after discovering yourself is to set your goals and standard. An author wrote, “God didn’t say his commandment verbally. He wrote them down and handed it over to man(Moses). He understood the power of writing. He knew that human may deny his commandment one day, if it is not written down” . I hope you realise what that means.

To be successful at what you do, you must know what you want to achieve, you must know your goals and set standards for yourself.

In this light, Goal is something that you hope to achieve. Life is about choices, and the choice you make shapes your day, your views, your motives, your experiences, your thoughts and your life as a whole. Our crear gives us the liberty to make chioces. And for every choice we make, there is either a reward or a consequence. There are some life choices over which we have no control over or which others make for you, such as, when and where you were born, the family you are born into, your gender, your life during childhood, the elementary and high school, and so on.

From where you realise that you need to be in control of your life and you know your basic potentials; you need to set rules and laws that would govern you. A man without a purpose or plan is a failure to himself, family, friends, country, and the whole world. I know you don’t want to be like that.

Here is the outline of three basic things you need to do when you want to set your standard/goals:


A choice or judgment that you make after thinking and talking about what is best thing to do.

How do I set priorities in life?
What is the best thing to be done in my life?

One way to reject/accept success is by decision making. It all lies in the decision you make. You must decide to achieve success, in the first place, before becoming successful. Do you know you could have the all money in world and still not be successful? Give yourself an answer to that question and evaluate yourself.

Tell yourself: ‘Now I have realised, I will never become anything in life until I decide what i want to be’. Like i said earlier in chapter one , you remember?. I was like , life does mot not give you what you deserve, but get you decide, what you demand and what you are determined not less than. If you don’t stand for something you would fall for anything. Until you kmow what to reject, you cannot possess what you deserve. The rejection of failure is the starting point of the possession of success. Reject all the worst things in your life. Determine in your heart today what grades, what work, what salaries you expect and those that are acceptable to you.

What you get from life will not depend on the options available, but the choices you make. Everyday you will have the option of choosing right or wrong, to be great or to be average, to excel or fail.

Realise there are two paths

* The path of failure and frustration

* The path of success and celebration.

Just make a choice!

Now, ask you self these few questions,

How to make money fast

Do I want to(be):

Respected Disregarded/ Ignored

Great Ordinary / Little

Wealthy / Poor

Celebrated / Frustrated

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In the last part I promised to post the questions that were asked during the interactive section


How do I budget, what are the criteria to consider?

When do I actually budget, what are the criteria to consider?

What are the factors for effective budgeting and how do I overcome the challenges associated with them?

Should the fund available be considered before making a budget?

How do I cut recruiting cost without comprising the quality of the materials in the business?

How does one access the situation of a crumbling business and still maintain a stable budget?

How does one prioritize savings for investment vs paying for debts from cost of production?

What also causes loss on budget , when they cant differentiate between asset and liability?

Whatever removes money from your pocket is a liability and whatever puts money in your pocket is an asset. Knowing the appropriate time and knowing what is at hand too

This article is continuation of Budgeting Part 1

So what of the money that goes out of our pocket to bring in more money where should it be placed?

Well, I know this question may cross your mind.

As far as it brings in money into the pocket and positions itself to increase assets.

Actually, budgeting on the right asset to avoid loss, is the main aim, or else you have to create an avenue that your budgeted asset pays for your liability example, owing a business and investing the profit.
It depends; sometimes you need to spend in order to get back.

The question to ask is why do you need a car. If it’s a ‘need‘ get it provided you can, but if it’s a ‘want‘ you may wait until the time you need it.

Should the fund available be considered before making a budget?.

Well, this is ambiguous though.

Fund available may not be considered sometimes, but the kind of income you recieve.
Funds available can be considered when there is an urgent need to satisfy a need at a particular time.

When we talk about budget we also have to understand the actual project we want to achieve because sometimes one makes plans ahead of funds to carry out and see to the success of a particular project.
Now for a budget it depends on individuals to understand clearly what they can achieve with the available funds and how to raise money for a near future plans.

Income could come in weeks, months and even years later depending on plan or budgets one carried out as an investment.

That’s why when we plan to succeed in a career, we tend to make a lot of sacrifices and even spend more on budgets with the hope of gaining all we invested in the future as soon as possible.

In summary, you should understand clearly your income and budget with a proper plan of achieving your set goals.
Know that what is worth doing at all should be done possibly perfectly.

Then its more important to have a clear plan on gaining/recovering all you are investing in folds.

This is a summary of the HUB TALK on Budgeting. Learn more about Budgeting

Thanks for reading



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9 Ways to Make That Work.

The journey through life is very tough that at some point you would want to give up but remembering what you are and what you stand for keeps you going.
As Confuscus, said, “ Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising each time you fall.”
This is in agreement with the statement of Will Rogers “ You are the only one who can limit your greatness.

The first part of solving a problem is identifying it. In order to successfully solve any problem, you have to acknowledge that it exists. This consciousness has helped lots of people in surmounting the deadliest obstacle they face.
The knowledge of what life is goes a long way to determine how well you can handle the issues of life.
The simple truth is that the little you know about life the less likely you are to do exploits.

Well there are no excuses in life. Its either you succeed or you fail.
I understand that your current situation is nothing to write home about. I also understand that you seek for a way to maintain a stable and prosperous academic, social, and spiritual life. Well the major problem that have led to your present predicament is Misplaced Priorities

Your passion to change is a nice start, it’s a sign that you truly understand that your destiny is potential, i.e. it is susceptible to change.
In the race of life, what you do matters, you actually have a role to play in order to become successful.
It is possible for you to feel the urge to change and then after a day or two you forget about the resolutions you made. Well stuffs like that just shows that your passion is not good enough for your dream.

I really hope that you won’t misuse the information in this article or just read it and practice it for just a couple of days.
If you truly want a change it has to come from the inside. You can be the best. It’s possible. It is also possible to maintain a constant academic and social life but it’s going to require discipline and determination.

Why get temporarily motivated when you can make a life time change and succeed in successive success?

Please do the following and be the man God wants you to be once again.

1. As much as possible stay close to God. Your level of success is directly proportional to your relationship with God. Its obvious that you are experiencing frictions in different facets of your life simply because God has been misplaced in your Scala Naturae

2. Sleeping is for those who are broke. Sleep when it is necessary, otherwise toil. Trust me if you know what’s ahead you would start toiling and preparing now.

3. Have a planned routine for each day. There should be a schema of how your day is run. Don’t just live a day based on the inspiration that you get for that day. What if the inspiration doesn’t come for that day?

4. Each step you take, ask yourself “does this hastens the journey to my dream or does it just derail my plans?” Like Billy Graham said “Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.

5. Don’t think, jot it down, before you wake, try writing your goals for that day, this should be done preferable after praying. It is going to really help you organize your day.

6. Understand that not everything that seems to be an opportunity actually is, it may be a test that you can only pass by letting such demonic privileges just go.

7. Try re-evaluating yourself especially when you think you missed it.

8. Try talking less and thinking more. Lead a purpose driven life with a time conscious mentality, don’t ever misuse your time.

9. Don’t allow anything to distract you. Learn to despise excuses and try embracing hard work and diligence. The reward awaits if you would be willing to accept the mission.

In summary,

Your attitude determines your altitude, a bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can’t go anywhere except you change it. Hence the importance of a good attitude cannot be over emphasized.

Only you can do this!!!

Suicide Prevention: Let’s Stop this Madness-Part 2

World Sucide Prevention Day-September 10th

So Ladies and gentlemen/ Effulgents, this HUB TALK was divided into three sub-topics. Here is the previous post


1. Kindness is a Great Weapon.

Be kind to each and everyone you come across in life either on social media or reality for you know not what people might be passing through. Just weeks back, we lost a phenomenal actor and it started making rounds on the net how much he was bullied by fans for loosing weight excessively. Little was it known he was suffering from cancer. So you see, by being so careless and unguarded with words, you might push someone to the point where he or she begins to contemplate suicide. It could be anything that’s spans from mockery to spiling a truth undilutedly. Apply caution and wisdom in all you do. Not all jokes needs to make it to your whatsapp status. For by doing so, you are aggravating what you should be dissipating as an efflugents. To prevent suicide in our loved ones and strangers, it begins with you and I.

Exactly, people go through a lot of things on a daily. And for a fact kindness is something that we should give.

Yes!! As an effulgent, that should be a watch word. Things people take for granted that causes much distruction. It pays to be good than being bad people fail to realize that.

2. Do not Build Fortresses.

A lot of us are used to the idea of secluding and isolating ourselves in the name of being introverts or in a bid to fight off imaginary haters. It is dangerous to isolate one’s self. By so doing, you grow a heavy mind disguised as an independent one. And sooner than later when problems starts streaming in, you become easily prone to breakdown.

See, while it is okay to be alone sometimes especially when meditating, reminiscing, having a time out, or taking a rest, it is crucial not to play down the importance of socializing. Especially when you are at risk of developing a suicidal tendency.

3. Take Up a New Healthy Habit!!!

For those having a low time in their life, taking up a new healthy habit and throwing your whole weight in it usually works like magic in preventing suicidal tendencies. It could be a break up, death of a loved one, academic challenge or even financial issues, getting that one habit and becoming so engrossed in it is relieving to say the least. Asides the fact that it offers you distraction, it propels your mind further to a better state than it was. 

When I had my first relationship heartbreak, it was so disastrous for me i couldnt even feel my skin. This turbulence lingered on for months until I sort the advice of a friend and he adviced i take up a new healthy habit. And so I took my entire savings then and emptied it on a brand new ps 3 console and games. Started playing and like voodoo, I forgot entirely what I was suffering from. And till today, whenever I’m low or having a hard time, I just play PES and that’s it for me. History. All of it.

So always be open to the idea of trying out new stuffs.

4. Change Environment

So my friends most times all you need to heal from emotional distress or trauma is changing your environment. Travel. Meet people. Getting acquainted with a new environment will aid in you dropping off some or even all of the memories you created with and in your previous environment. So guys never overlook the power of changing your environment.

We are psychologically knitted with our environment. We can tie a memory to it, hence the saying- “There is no place like home”. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the egusi soup your mum prepares taste better than the one outside hence why you cannot do without home. But rather while growing up, you made solemn memories with home and your environment.

5 Talk To A Therapist

A lot of us berate psychiatrists. Some don’t even believe they exist. I am here to tell you they are very well underrated. If you cannot get in touch in one, you can kindly download mypaddi app from playstore in your phone, log in, and get to chat with one whenever you’re down.

Trust me, professionalism and expertise is topnotch.

Speaking to one uplifts you and channels you to the right path away from suicidal thoughts.



No matter how big your problem is, it is never too big to be resolved. All you need is TIME. Be stubborn. Continue forging ahead doggedly. When memories are given time and are not fed, you loose them. When injuries are given time and are not touched, it heals.

And remember….

If suicide ever crosses your mind, remember what it stands for in your own advantage.

S.tay U.p I.n C.onstant I.nspiration D.earest E.ffulgent. (S.U.I.C.I.D.E)

My simple contribution is…

Suicidal Thoughts can hit anyone and so we should be on our best state of mind at all times.

Before the thought of suicide ever cross your mind. Consciously and intentionally work on your emotions on a daily to build a stronger one.You never can tell what situation you might be in. And what you have built would put you through such moments.

Here is something from WHO. We can stop this suicidal thoughts. We can help people around us fight this. Let’s Stop this madness together!!!

Thanks for reading …

What other ways do you suggest we can prevent sucide? Let us know in the comment section.


Anchored by Obiefule Nnamdi Francis

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Suicide Prevention- Let’s Stop this Madness

World Sucide Prevention Day-September 10th

So Ladies and gentlemen/ Effulgents, today’s HUB TALK will be divided into three sub-topics.

1. What is Suicide and what are the causes of suicide?

2. Who is at risk?

3. What are the Preventive measures?

World Suicide Prevention Day is observed on 10th of September every year. It’s a day set out to raise not only awareness on suicide but also, to prevent people and their loved ones from committing suicide.


Simply put, suicide is the act of deliberating on killing one’s self. 

There are so many factors responsible for suicide and it’s not only limited to when life takes a heavy toll on you as widely propagated. Although that has been the rising cause of suicide lately, it is imperative we incorporate other probable causes of suicide to arm ourselves at best.



There is a vast array of mental disorders today and intriguingly, one does not have to be naked running around in the market and looking for a roasted corn to snatch before you realise he or she is down with a mental ailment.

As a matter of fact, you’ll be surprised to learn that a lot of us who posits to be healthy are down with one mental hitch or the other. It is not until a little tramautic experience hits, before you realise how incapable you are in handling a lot of situation life throws at you.

Yes life situations, can create imbalance

So Some of these mental disorders include but are not limited to;


-Anxiety disorders.

-Personality disorders.

-Bipolar disorders.


There is a thick link between physical disorder and mental disorder. For example a person who suffered a physical trauma, probably an accident, that left him or her debilitated or worst off, incapacitated might be exposed to mental torture and pressure. At that moment asides pain, a whole web of thoughts and memories infiltrates the mind pulling down the victim further.

Other physical disorders include but are not limited to:

-Chronic fatigue syndrome. Also known as extreme tiredness.

-Substance abuse including alcohol. 

-Substance withdrawal including alcohol.

3. STRESS!!!

Which is probably the leading cause. Stress simply put, is a feeling of emotional or physical tension.It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry or nervous.And so in relation to suicide, It could be finance related, academics, sickness, relationship, lack of growth, e.t.c.


1. Someone with a previous suicide attempt. I tagged it number 1 because it is by far the strongest risk factor for suicide. Quite easy for a victim to relapse.

2. A set of people who are prone to committing suicide are those experiencing conflict, disaster, violence or abuse.

3. Another set of people susceptible are those who have a sense of isolation. I will come back to this.

4. Suicide rates are also high amongst vulnerable groups who experience discrimination, such as refugees and migrants; indigenous peoples; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex (LGBTI) persons; and prisoners.

Its a mental disorder (although people don’t like to categorize it as such) responsible for a good number of suicide cases. Inability to face life situations can be multifactorial.


-Fatigue and totally being uninspired.



Thanks for reading …Part 2 coming soon.

What ways do you suggest we can prevent sucide? Let us know in the comment section.


Anchored by Obiefule Nnamdi Francis

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Written by JOHN JOYCE

Mahatma Gandhi once said ‘It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver’. One may wonder why?

Staying healthy doesn’t happen automatically. It takes effort, and also usually involves some sacrifice, some reordering of priorities and forgoing certain things that would be enjoyable but not good for us. Long-term health is a lifelong investment, but it’s a wise one. Better to invest a little each day in strengthening our bodies than to neglect them and suffer serious health problems.

In health matters, as with many other things in life, God usually won’t do for us what we can and should do ourselves. He expects us to take care of our bodies, and He often won’t override the negative consequences when we could have made healthier choices but didn’t.

Your body is an amazingly intricate and efficient machine, but it needs proper care to run well. If you want to be free of sickness and other physical problems, you have to do your part. That takes time, thought, and effort.

You have to eat properly, drink plenty of fluids, get sufficient sleep, exercise, have your teeth and eyes checked periodically, limit your exposure to things that could be harmful, and so on.

Caring for the body has never been simple or easy, but it’s getting even more difficult and complicated. The world is changing, which is changing how people live, which is putting even greater demands on their bodies. Many of the health hazards that plagued previous generations have been reduced or eradicated, but new challenges have emerged due to such things as processed food, routine exposure to chemicals, smog, sedentary jobs, and the stress of 21st-century living.

It’s not easy, but if you will do your best to live a healthy lifestyle, you will spare yourself a lot of health problems.

Is it really necessary to value our health?


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The Things you Probably Didn’t Know About Communication


Communication; the building block to a long lasting and healthy relationship

What is communication?

Communication is an interaction between two people or more that leads to understanding. It is a means of expressing our wants, dislikes,needs and expectations to our partner. If there is no communication in a relationship, it will result to lack of understanding, silent treatment and harbouring of grudge. In a romantic relationship, where communication between lovers isn’t good enough, one person may feel unloved while the other may feel misunderstood.

Good communication is necessary in every relationship to build trust,understanding, love, and bring satisfaction. It helps us express our feelings and desires to our partner, helps us to be understood, and makes us stay connected in our different relationships. It helps a relationship grow and last longer.

Types of Communication

Communication is divided into:

  • Verbal
  • Non verbal

In verbal communication, we express ourselves by talking, saying how we feel, what we want, what we don’t want, things we enjoy and things we don’t. We talk about our expectations and experiences.

In non verbal communication, we express ourselves using body languages. It can be in form of facial expression or body movements. All these convey important messages to our partners.

How does communication play a role in building a long lasting and healthy relationship?

When we communicate, it’s a form of intimacy. We are sharing a part of ourselves to our partner. We’re been open to them. We’re letting them, giving them a glimpse into what we feel and how we want to be treated.

• When you communicate in your relationship, you’re passing a message which your partner may not supernaturally know unless you say. People who communicate reduce chances of bearing grudges and keeping thoughts to themselves or staying angry at each other. When you’re able to tell your partner what he/she has done wrong to you, which he/she may have done unintentionally or intentionally without knowing the effect on you, you’re creating room for apology and forgiveness, and this will leave both of you satisfied and happy in your relationship.

Communication reduces the chances of long term misunderstandings. Individuals judge or consider situations differently,therefore, when you communicate, you clear the air of misunderstanding by explaining to your partner how you perceive a particular situation. This will remove a feeling of resentment or hurt because both parties communicated their different views.

Communication helps in resolving issues; sometimes one party may have pressing issues, if he/she doesn’t communicate to his/her partner, the issue may remain unresolved. When there is communication, both parties will bring solutions to a problem and agree unanimously on what to do, by this, trust is solidified and reliability is established on both sides.

Communication helps in conflict management. When both parties are willing to talk about what happened without resorting to silent treatment, theyare one step ahead in settling their conflict

.• Communication helps to shape our expectations. You may have certain expectations from your partner, if you haven’t communicated them, your partner may not know what is expected from them but if you clearly state what your expectations are then your partner will be able to act according to your expectationsand if for any reason they can’t, they also are in the position to communicate back to you. When expectations are clearly stated, it is easier to meet them or give reasons why they can’t be meet and when such reason are given, you owe your partner the responsibility of understanding or making it clearer to him/her the importance of your needs.

Communication will help your partner to know set boundaries which they shouldn’t exceed. When you’re able to communicate with your partner, you can openly tell them your likes and your dislikes. If you don’t say, they may never know. But when there is communication and both parties know their boundaries, they will be able to keep to it thereby promoting respect over their partner’s wishes.

Communication helps partners understand themselves. If you don’t speak out, your partner is likely to misunderstand you or your actions. Communicating with your partner will help them understand you better and know how to respond to you in certain situations.

Communication brings unity. Couples who communicate stay united because they are able to express themselves to each other.

How to communicate;

Sometimes the tone of your voice or your body language or facial expression might be a turn off to your partner while you’re trying to communicate. Your partner may be someone who finds it difficult to speak, he/she may be more of a listener than a talker, however, there are ways to communicate our needs,fears and desires without seeming paranoid or rude. Sometimes people find it difficult to communicate because they are scared of been misunderstood or rejected.

1. Be willing to listen.

Listening is the most important part of communication. Don’t listen to reply rather listen to understand. When you’re a good listener, you’re encouraging your partner who may not be much of a talker to express themselves openly.

2. Let your partner speak without interruption.

Let your partner speak without interruption. Don’t cut your partner short whilst they are still talking; allow them to conclude their statements before you begin yours.

3. Maintain good eye contact…

show interest and attention. Avoid every form of distraction and try to be open- minded when communicating.

4. Be cautious of the tone of your voice.

If you’re very angry, take deep breaths before you speak. Try to be very calm before addressing an issue to avoid uttering words that may hurt your partner.

5. Be cautious of the tone of your voice…

and try to consider the effect of your words on your partner, at the same time,say your mind and how you really feel but be careful in your choice of words.

6. Make your thoughts very clear to your partner…

and give room for questions so he/she will be able to understand you.

Which other effective way do you think relevant during communication?


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Make a difference

Go MAD. Yeah, you heard me right.


Sometimes when you look at the rate at which the world is going bad, you can’t help but just shake your head. We get discouraged to even reach out a helping hand. But just imagine if everyone just folds their hands and do nothing. Then I assure you that the world would be in a tumble. This is the best time to go “MAD”. Look around your neighborhood, community, city and town, there’s always something you can do.

The little things makes the greatest difference. If you’re not satisfied with the way things are, then change it. Change begins from within and from you. If you do not like the trash besides your house, do not wait for the government or the clean up agency. Pick a day and take the trash out. Most time when we give out love and kindness, we get it back in double folds in ways we do not expect. Life is too short to complain all day.

How to Make a difference in the world

What are the practical ways we can go MAD?

1. Have a cause, a passion, a place you can channel your energy into. This should be mostly something that gives you joy.

2. Be practical about it. You really have to want to make a difference. Be strategic. Make plans, set goals and work towards achieving it. Making a difference is not to be taking lighly.

3. Be an avid reader. The more you read, the more you discover places and ways you can make a difference. So pick up a book today.

4. Surround yourselves with people of like interests. Birds of the same feather flock together. Mingle with people who are passionate about humanity and are ready to make a difference.

4. Take advantage of the social media. It’s very possible in this era and century to effectively make a difference in the Cyber space. This is because over half of the world’s population is online. Sometimes, all we need to make a difference is to create awareness.

6. Seek support and help. Many NGOs and support groups are ready to support individuals who are passionate about making a difference in their community and society. Make researches and reach out.

After all is been said, there is no laid down rule for making a difference. Someone said “Most of us will not do great things, but we can do little things in great way”. As you step out each morning, make a deliberate effort to point out and help people with needs. Sometimes, all it takes is a smile, a warm hug or a bowl of hot cocoa.

So be prepared to go MAD!


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