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9 Ways to Make That Work. The journey through life is very tough that at some point you would want to give up but remembering what you are and what you stand for keeps you going.As Confuscus, said, “ Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising each time you fall.”This isContinue reading “YOU ARE LIMITLESS”

Suicide Prevention: Let’s Stop this Madness-Part 2

World Sucide Prevention Day-September 10th So Ladies and gentlemen/ Effulgents, this HUB TALK was divided into three sub-topics. Here is the previous post PREVENTION OF SUICIDE 1. Kindness is a Great Weapon. Be kind to each and everyone you come across in life either on social media or reality for you know not what peopleContinue reading “Suicide Prevention: Let’s Stop this Madness-Part 2”


Written by GAMBO DEBORAH Go MAD. Yeah, you heard me right. GO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! Sometimes when you look at the rate at which the world is going bad, you can’t help but just shake your head. We get discouraged to even reach out a helping hand. But just imagine if everyone just folds theirContinue reading “HOW TO MAKE THAT DIFFERENCE? GO MAD!!!”

ACCEPTING YOU! Cut The Assumptions Off

Written by Onyeukwu Pauline A lot of times, we wonder what is wrong with us. We wonder why we are the way we are-failures! Just because we weren’t able to attain the intended objective. At this point, we have to stop and think… is this what we really want..are we letting external factors like theContinue reading “ACCEPTING YOU! Cut The Assumptions Off”

5 simple ways to master the Art of Self Discovery.

… BEGINNING– The dreamy days I came across a note book that seemed so familiar. Quickly, I went through it and by the time I was at the last pages, I was smiling widely and giggling. Here is what I saw in that old book of about 4years: For my school— Lord, decide the courseContinue reading “5 simple ways to master the Art of Self Discovery.”