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BUDGETING– Part 2 In the last part I promised to post the questions that were asked during the interactive section THE HUB TALK QUESTIONS How do I budget, what are the criteria to consider? When do I actually budget, what are the criteria to consider? What are the factors for effective budgeting and how doContinue reading “SIMPLE PROJECT TO IMPROVE BUDGETING SKILLS”

MALNUTRITION: The sad reality.

Written by Gambo Deborah It is nearly impossible to walk down a regular street in Nigeria without seeing a child who is malnourished. Despite the giant strides and efforts that have been put in the health and social sector, it is undoubtedly true that a lot still needs to be done. Definition However, malnutrition doesContinue reading “MALNUTRITION: The sad reality.”

Basic understanding on the Concept of Budgeting

BUDGETING– Part 1 Budgeting is simply creating a plan to spend money. This plan allows you to know if you have enough money to do what you like to do or need to do.It is also balancing your expenses with your incomes. This is a collection of thoughts from the HOUSE OF UPBEAT HUB onContinue reading “Basic understanding on the Concept of Budgeting”