MALNUTRITION: The sad reality.

Written by Gambo Deborah

It is nearly impossible to walk down a regular street in Nigeria without seeing a child who is malnourished. Despite the giant strides and efforts that have been put in the health and social sector, it is undoubtedly true that a lot still needs to be done.


However, malnutrition does not only refer to deficiencies, or imbalances in a person’s intake of energy or nutrients as many may seem to think. Excesses in consumption of unhealthy food in diets may lead to obese. It is quite uncommon to find undernourished and overweight within the same community, household or even individual.

Unhealthy  food , malnutrition

According to global nutrition report, the latest assessment shows that just under 50% of countries are in course to meet at least one of nine global nutrition targets. However, no country is on target to meet all of the nine targets that are being tracked, and just five countries are on track to meet four. Sadly, both adults and children are victims of malnutrition around the world in every country. According to Wikipedia, Democratic Republic of Congo has 29%, Eritrea 67%, Burundi 44%, and Haiti 63%. Around 1.9 billion adults world wide are overweight.

An estimated 41 million children under the age of 5 years are overweight, or obese, while some 159 million are stunted and 50 million are wasting. The dangers and effect of malnutrition cannot be underestimated especially in war ravaged areas often afflicted with famine and drought. The steady increase in the rate of poverty has largely contributed to the above figures as families and households are forced to live in abject poverty denying them with the ability to afford and have access to enough nutritious food like fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, meat and milk.


Symptoms of malnutrition may include:

  • Weight loss
  • Hollow cheeks
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of fat and muscles mass
  • Dry hair
  • Dry skin
  • Sunken eyes
Symptoms  of malnutrition

though the signs/symptoms of malnutrition depends on the type. Being able to recognize the type of malnutrition can help people and health care providers identify and treat issues related to under-or-overnutrition.

Policies have been established in recent times to help checkmate the cumbersome and deadly effects of malnutrition and how to address it.

In April 2016, the United Nations general assembly adopted a resolution proclaiming the UN decade of action on nutrition from 2016 to 2025. It is necessary and important for health and social authorities to ensure several programs and opportunities are created to help raise the standards of livelihood ensuring families have access to and can afford healthy meals.


The health of children and adults are not to be taken for granted especially on the basis of malnutrition.

Malnutrition  in children
Symptoms of Malnutrition


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ACCEPTING YOU! Cut The Assumptions Off

Written by Onyeukwu Pauline

Accepting  you

A lot of times, we wonder what is wrong with us. We wonder why we are the way we are-failures! Just because we weren’t able to attain the intended objective. At this point, we have to stop and think… is this what we really want..are we letting external factors like the society affect our objectives, dreams and goals.

Until we set out time to reflect on ourselves, our goals, our objectives, we might end up feeling like we are not good enough. Until we figure out the real reason behind why we do what we do, we might end up being wannabes. Are you doing that particular thing because every other person is doing it or because you love it.. Don’t try to be someone else and end up loosing yourself.

You are the best version of yourself. It’s time to stop the comparison. It’s time to accept yourself the way you are. It’s time for you to start complimenting yourself. It’s all about you. You might not create the greatest content, you might not be the brightest, you might not be the best web developer, you might not have that really great marketing skill or business strategy, you might not be all brawns, beauty and brains, but you are you. Don’t let your insecurities stop you from manifesting. The world out there is waiting for you. It’s time to put yourself out there. Don’t give up now.

Remember, it’s all about you!


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5 simple ways to master the Art of Self Discovery.

BEGINNING– The dreamy days

I came across a note book that seemed so familiar. Quickly, I went through it and by the time I was at the last pages, I was smiling widely and giggling.

Here is what I saw in that old book of about 4years:

For my school—

Lord, decide the course I would study in the university.


Want to be a model and role model to others.

Want to open my website.

Want to publish my book.

This year—

Get into first year in the university.

Open my website before the year is over.

Completed at least two script.

By the time I was done, I realized that my current happenings is a manifestation of all the thoughts, ideas and dreams I had pen down. Even when I walked through some tough parts of life and I lost myself in such process, the mind collectively organizes them. They build up and store our motives/drives subconsciously. How wonderful our brain and mind can be.

Life is a process and all may not be achieved at the moment but gradually things will fall in place, if we move on more intentionally.

It was just that book, there are similar note books which I unintentionally had every year and I figured out I kept building upon each idea/plan created in the past.

1. Dream, Dream, Dream.

All you need to do is dream. Respect and make use of your quiet time. Evaluate your passion, fear, aspirations. Let all your ideas flow and trust me there will be a lot of crazy ideas, but that is okay.

2. Proceed to pen them down.

Pen those thoughts down. When you do so you tend to accomplish them and have a clearer view. Do a lot of random writing, there is no rule to this, they are your personal thoughts so enjoy it.

3. Organize your thoughts and see how achievable they can be.

Just like you saw in the story above, organize them and connect them. Try to write out how you are going to achieve each of them. Be open to learn new stuffs.

4. Process

Life is a process. Understand that everything takes time and all may not be achieve now but your intentional and consistent act would go a long way. Process every thought and be conscious about your circle and the kind of energy you bring into it. Is that energy right for my personality? Is it of any help to my goals and aspirations?

Ask questions for things you have no idea about. Learn how this work in such field and work on finding a balance.

5. Take action.

Simple. All the above point will remain in your head and book if this last step is ignored. Baby steps, gradual intentional actions, consistency are all part of the game.

Don’t forget that luck happens when opportunity mets preparation.

What way did you master this art? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.


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Basic understanding on the Concept of Budgeting


Budgeting is simply creating a plan to spend money.

This plan allows you to know if you have enough money to do what you like to do or need to do.
It is also balancing your expenses with your incomes.

This is a collection of thoughts from the HOUSE OF UPBEAT HUB on the concept of budgeting. In this article, I am going to make this topic as easy as possible to comprehend.

The basic concept of budgeting is to estimate expected income and expenses, knowing your income sources and expenses. First is knowing your what kind of income you have.Then doing the actual budget which is the planning- more like cutting your coat according to your size. Lol.

Budgeting may depend on your income at first and having a scale of preference.

According to the thoughts from the Hub; By budget, you must list your important needs from the highest priority to the lowest. Income should be splited into 3parts to indicate your scale of preference . Use two parts to take care of these important things.

Also you should know the kind of budget you are drawing up. Is it a personal budget, business budget etc?

Classifications of budget

  • Based on Time.
  • Based on Conditions.
  • Based on Function.
  • Based on Flexibility.

Based on Time

Long term budget– planning for period of 5 to 10years.

Short term budget– usually for a year.

Based on Conditions

Basic budget-this is for unaltered use over a long period.

Current budget-for use over a short period based on current situations.

Based on Function

Master budget-this consist of several separate but interdependent budgets. Usually shows overall plan for the budget period.

Functional budget-this is prepared in respect of various functions performed in a business.

Based on Flexibility

Fixed budget-it is designed to remain unchanged irrespective of level of activity obtained.

Flexible budget-it changes by the level of activity attained.

They are all dependent on if the cost is variable or fixed.

Sometimes it comes like this

A Rough Sketch (List)

My Savings

My Earnings

My Debt (if any, but try stay outta this zone)

My Spendings, splatted further to:

*my wants
*my needs

Part 2 coming soon

Update comes with raw questions/answers that were asked in the Hub. In the meantime, let us know the few tips you know when it comes to budgeting effectively.


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…BECOMING- The birth of the Journey.

Growing up, there was a lively child,

How to develop myself

… shy sometimes, bold at times. More like an introverted-extrovert. Lol. Introvert as a primary temperament and extroverted while around people she was comfortable with.

How do i be a smart kid  @houseofupbeat

My primary temperament made me a deep thinker and at age 2, I could say things that made adults wonder.

By age 6, I was already drafting out life plans and goals. I remembered taking a pen & paper and writing down how I was going to have a less expensive school built for those who couldn’t afford the other. I questioned a lot, literally details & everything and tried as much as I could to seek answers in books and words of adults. Yes! Age 6 was my major starter years (my first story was written; even as childish as it may have been. And, lol, kindly don’t ask me about the book because I very well don’t know where it is and I had no idea about getting a book done).

How do i be focused?

Fast-forward to years later, still a deep thinker, questioning words, actions, circumstances, situations, positions and reaching out to people, sources, opinions and responses to situations.

House of Upbeat has finally come into existence after years of ups and down and intentional actions. It generally means we should be noticeably happy, hopeful and confident about the future. I am so excited and grateful, to have you here and to grow and begin this journey with you.

Who is Chelsea Adaora ?, house of upbeat

All the time, we have to be true to ourselves- from making choices, to being selfless and yet have self-love. Sometimes life don’t go as we assume/plan and we ask various questions and sometimes we run into deep mistakes and regret we knew better.

This house vows to highlight silent issues/ questions that cross our mind everyday. Interactive and confidential sections where opinions, views, ideas, experience and suggestions are aired. Trust me, it gets better everyday. It’s major end goal is to bring self awareness, self peace, and self-love within every lovely person who come across this platform.

Do get inspired, connect and together we build.


Chelsea Adaora.

House of Upbeat.


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Incredible You- Chapter 1


How to I build my self esteem?

First thing First;  Discover yourself!!!…

Life is a gift, but to revel in it, you must be ready to put a lot into nurturing yourself/being and skills.

Start early, start now. Learn to practice in order to master your skills (both weakness and strength).

Never.Ever.Stop.Focusing , whether in good or bad times. Be passionate about your work…and that could be a good start!

Read the chapter on INCREDIBLE YOU

Have you got what it takes???

To the question above… Yes! Ofcourse.

Just prepare your mind…get ready to revel in it. You are the only one who can truthfully say something about yourself. The only problem we might have here is, you haven’t got to know 100% of yourself.

    Whenever I read other people’s success story, I feel overwhelmed and more so encouraged. You wanna know why? You probably have read most on the magazine, newspapers etc, these stories possess every bit of this; altitude, persistence, action, passion, and a slew of of other qualities. These stories unintentionally give us tips on how to be successful ourselves. Come think of it …isnt those qualities what we really do need to be successful ourselves?

    Most people have been dragged into the make-believe world where things look a lot easier, when in reality it’s not. Most things seen in the movies, magazines or even write-ups are harder than you think. Ok…let’s see. You hear of the richest man in the world. You feel excited. You wanna be rich instantly. Now, you actually forget the true lesson or message of the story line. Have said you to yourself ‘ How did they become rich? How did they attain that height? What made them so popular amd well known?’

     You’re in a world where you are not given or paid what you worked for or deserve but what you fight for, struggle for or stand for. Be careful and do things rightly.

     There is no one else like you in the entire world. You’re the only true original of yourself. Learn to appreciate what makes you unique and use it to your best effect to get the great results you desire— Know what works best for you!


What I think you must have…

How to be productive


I would like to key into the old saying even though lately it’s accuracy is being argued, ‘ Experience is the best teacher ‘

          It is in experience(whether personal or the one from others) you get knowledge. It should be noted that you need general knowledge, basic understanding, or better ideas that are presentable. In doing that you give your self a stage to perform. For example, in writing I need an experience to know what to write, how to organize my work, expressions etc. If I must sing, I should know what to sing, what type of music, how or what to compose, where to sing, my target audience, etc.

      Do you know there are lots of people out there who never went to a good school or even a university when they had their success story told?

What you need is knowledge, then you are going to have so much better chance.

      The formula for knowledge, which is the best way to learn, is studying the history of successes or failures in your industry or field. No knowledge is a waste! Just a little knowledge could catapult you to a very high level.

Want add a little story here, You can send an email or leave a comment


Right attitude! Yeah… You shouldn’t expect to discover yourself or talent when you haven’t made up your mind and you do nasty things( let’s say becoming drunk always, smoking, cheating, stealing, you know them) and cause problems to the society. You can’t succeed when you have that non-chalant attitude.

There are so many advantages with keeping up a good attitude. A little story here…

Exam yourself -Do I have the right attitude?

Well, have the right attitude and see what is going to happen.

Another is the attitude of believing the best about others. Note that you shouldn’t be bent out of shape when they disappoint you, just like I said nobody is perfect, including you. Just be grateful for the people that bring Joy and endeavour to be counted among many.

Read what Charles Swindoll said:

“… Attitude to me is more important than facts. It is more important than the  past, than education,  than money, than circumstance, than failures, than success, than what other people think, say or do. It is more important than appearance, gift or skill. It will make or break a company – a church or home, friendship. The remarkable thing is that we have a chioce everyday regarding the attitude we embrace for that day. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me amd 90% how I react to it. And so with you. We are in charge of our attitude “.

Also, you need to have a big thinking attitude. Always think big.

When you realize this, the next thing on the attitude list is to choose your A-TEAM (attitude team). They are those people who help in building you up. As far as I have discovered, your A-team could be your parents, friends at school, co-workers, siblings, relatives like your Uncle and Aunties, your teachers etc. But sincerely, your A-team always change over a period of time. It all depends on choosing the right team. The team or company you follow matters. They include:

1. The jealous team.

2. The imitator team.

3. The parasitic team.

4. The secretive team.

5. The attitude team.

How do i work on a team

                           The Jealous Team

*    They make you competitive( in a wrong way).

*     Make you seek to impress.

*     You loose your  identity and become fake.

                           The Imitator Team

* Steal ideas from you and imitates without knowing the cause of the actions.

* They can’t discover themselves and live in other People’s world.

* They drain you.

continue reading INCREDIBLE YOU


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