Suicide Prevention: Let’s Stop this Madness-Part 2

World Sucide Prevention Day-September 10th

So Ladies and gentlemen/ Effulgents, this HUB TALK was divided into three sub-topics. Here is the previous post


1. Kindness is a Great Weapon.

Be kind to each and everyone you come across in life either on social media or reality for you know not what people might be passing through. Just weeks back, we lost a phenomenal actor and it started making rounds on the net how much he was bullied by fans for loosing weight excessively. Little was it known he was suffering from cancer. So you see, by being so careless and unguarded with words, you might push someone to the point where he or she begins to contemplate suicide. It could be anything that’s spans from mockery to spiling a truth undilutedly. Apply caution and wisdom in all you do. Not all jokes needs to make it to your whatsapp status. For by doing so, you are aggravating what you should be dissipating as an efflugents. To prevent suicide in our loved ones and strangers, it begins with you and I.

Exactly, people go through a lot of things on a daily. And for a fact kindness is something that we should give.

Yes!! As an effulgent, that should be a watch word. Things people take for granted that causes much distruction. It pays to be good than being bad people fail to realize that.

2. Do not Build Fortresses.

A lot of us are used to the idea of secluding and isolating ourselves in the name of being introverts or in a bid to fight off imaginary haters. It is dangerous to isolate one’s self. By so doing, you grow a heavy mind disguised as an independent one. And sooner than later when problems starts streaming in, you become easily prone to breakdown.

See, while it is okay to be alone sometimes especially when meditating, reminiscing, having a time out, or taking a rest, it is crucial not to play down the importance of socializing. Especially when you are at risk of developing a suicidal tendency.

3. Take Up a New Healthy Habit!!!

For those having a low time in their life, taking up a new healthy habit and throwing your whole weight in it usually works like magic in preventing suicidal tendencies. It could be a break up, death of a loved one, academic challenge or even financial issues, getting that one habit and becoming so engrossed in it is relieving to say the least. Asides the fact that it offers you distraction, it propels your mind further to a better state than it was. 

When I had my first relationship heartbreak, it was so disastrous for me i couldnt even feel my skin. This turbulence lingered on for months until I sort the advice of a friend and he adviced i take up a new healthy habit. And so I took my entire savings then and emptied it on a brand new ps 3 console and games. Started playing and like voodoo, I forgot entirely what I was suffering from. And till today, whenever I’m low or having a hard time, I just play PES and that’s it for me. History. All of it.

So always be open to the idea of trying out new stuffs.

4. Change Environment

So my friends most times all you need to heal from emotional distress or trauma is changing your environment. Travel. Meet people. Getting acquainted with a new environment will aid in you dropping off some or even all of the memories you created with and in your previous environment. So guys never overlook the power of changing your environment.

We are psychologically knitted with our environment. We can tie a memory to it, hence the saying- “There is no place like home”. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the egusi soup your mum prepares taste better than the one outside hence why you cannot do without home. But rather while growing up, you made solemn memories with home and your environment.

5 Talk To A Therapist

A lot of us berate psychiatrists. Some don’t even believe they exist. I am here to tell you they are very well underrated. If you cannot get in touch in one, you can kindly download mypaddi app from playstore in your phone, log in, and get to chat with one whenever you’re down.

Trust me, professionalism and expertise is topnotch.

Speaking to one uplifts you and channels you to the right path away from suicidal thoughts.



No matter how big your problem is, it is never too big to be resolved. All you need is TIME. Be stubborn. Continue forging ahead doggedly. When memories are given time and are not fed, you loose them. When injuries are given time and are not touched, it heals.

And remember….

If suicide ever crosses your mind, remember what it stands for in your own advantage.

S.tay U.p I.n C.onstant I.nspiration D.earest E.ffulgent. (S.U.I.C.I.D.E)

My simple contribution is…

Suicidal Thoughts can hit anyone and so we should be on our best state of mind at all times.

Before the thought of suicide ever cross your mind. Consciously and intentionally work on your emotions on a daily to build a stronger one.You never can tell what situation you might be in. And what you have built would put you through such moments.

Here is something from WHO. We can stop this suicidal thoughts. We can help people around us fight this. Let’s Stop this madness together!!!

Thanks for reading …

What other ways do you suggest we can prevent sucide? Let us know in the comment section.


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