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Written by JOHN JOYCE

Mahatma Gandhi once said ‘It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver’. One may wonder why?

Staying healthy doesn’t happen automatically. It takes effort, and also usually involves some sacrifice, some reordering of priorities and forgoing certain things that would be enjoyable but not good for us. Long-term health is a lifelong investment, but it’s a wise one. Better to invest a little each day in strengthening our bodies than to neglect them and suffer serious health problems.

In health matters, as with many other things in life, God usually won’t do for us what we can and should do ourselves. He expects us to take care of our bodies, and He often won’t override the negative consequences when we could have made healthier choices but didn’t.

Your body is an amazingly intricate and efficient machine, but it needs proper care to run well. If you want to be free of sickness and other physical problems, you have to do your part. That takes time, thought, and effort.

You have to eat properly, drink plenty of fluids, get sufficient sleep, exercise, have your teeth and eyes checked periodically, limit your exposure to things that could be harmful, and so on.

Caring for the body has never been simple or easy, but it’s getting even more difficult and complicated. The world is changing, which is changing how people live, which is putting even greater demands on their bodies. Many of the health hazards that plagued previous generations have been reduced or eradicated, but new challenges have emerged due to such things as processed food, routine exposure to chemicals, smog, sedentary jobs, and the stress of 21st-century living.

It’s not easy, but if you will do your best to live a healthy lifestyle, you will spare yourself a lot of health problems.

Is it really necessary to value our health?


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