Make a difference

Go MAD. Yeah, you heard me right.


Sometimes when you look at the rate at which the world is going bad, you can’t help but just shake your head. We get discouraged to even reach out a helping hand. But just imagine if everyone just folds their hands and do nothing. Then I assure you that the world would be in a tumble. This is the best time to go “MAD”. Look around your neighborhood, community, city and town, there’s always something you can do.

The little things makes the greatest difference. If you’re not satisfied with the way things are, then change it. Change begins from within and from you. If you do not like the trash besides your house, do not wait for the government or the clean up agency. Pick a day and take the trash out. Most time when we give out love and kindness, we get it back in double folds in ways we do not expect. Life is too short to complain all day.

How to Make a difference in the world

What are the practical ways we can go MAD?

1. Have a cause, a passion, a place you can channel your energy into. This should be mostly something that gives you joy.

2. Be practical about it. You really have to want to make a difference. Be strategic. Make plans, set goals and work towards achieving it. Making a difference is not to be taking lighly.

3. Be an avid reader. The more you read, the more you discover places and ways you can make a difference. So pick up a book today.

4. Surround yourselves with people of like interests. Birds of the same feather flock together. Mingle with people who are passionate about humanity and are ready to make a difference.

4. Take advantage of the social media. It’s very possible in this era and century to effectively make a difference in the Cyber space. This is because over half of the world’s population is online. Sometimes, all we need to make a difference is to create awareness.

6. Seek support and help. Many NGOs and support groups are ready to support individuals who are passionate about making a difference in their community and society. Make researches and reach out.

After all is been said, there is no laid down rule for making a difference. Someone said “Most of us will not do great things, but we can do little things in great way”. As you step out each morning, make a deliberate effort to point out and help people with needs. Sometimes, all it takes is a smile, a warm hug or a bowl of hot cocoa.

So be prepared to go MAD!


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