On the Menu, THE HUB TALK is going to be where all our thought from the HOUSE OF UPBEAT HUB is going to be displayed. It is a combination of peoples thoughts and ideas on a chosen topic.

House of upbeat

THE HIGHLIGHTS This runs through the week. Effulgents share engaging and entertaining posts in form of meme, clips etc. Also juicy questions and topics by the effulgents is chosen, to be discussed on the Sunday of the new coming week.

The day (Sunday) for the discussion, interactive conversations, sharing of thoughts, ideas, opinions based on a topic that was selected during the previous week

Please always feel free to participate during the meeting in the Hub . Everyone’s topic is welcomed, appreciated and accepted, in as much as it is not sensitive to political and religious sentiments.

We want to remind you, that the platform is for everyone to share their thoughts and ideas.

They could be in form of pictures, audios, or a simple screenshot from your little research on areas of your interest

And you should feel free to drop comments, verified informations that are useful to the platform.


She Writes. Founder, House of Upbeat. Copy the link to read my book INCREDIBLE YOU.

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