…BECOMING- The birth of the Journey.

Growing up, there was a lively child,

How to develop myself

… shy sometimes, bold at times. More like an introverted-extrovert. Lol. Introvert as a primary temperament and extroverted while around people she was comfortable with.

How do i be a smart kid  @houseofupbeat

My primary temperament made me a deep thinker and at age 2, I could say things that made adults wonder.

By age 6, I was already drafting out life plans and goals. I remembered taking a pen & paper and writing down how I was going to have a less expensive school built for those who couldn’t afford the other. I questioned a lot, literally details & everything and tried as much as I could to seek answers in books and words of adults. Yes! Age 6 was my major starter years (my first story was written; even as childish as it may have been. And, lol, kindly don’t ask me about the book because I very well don’t know where it is and I had no idea about getting a book done).

How do i be focused?

Fast-forward to years later, still a deep thinker, questioning words, actions, circumstances, situations, positions and reaching out to people, sources, opinions and responses to situations.

House of Upbeat has finally come into existence after years of ups and down and intentional actions. It generally means we should be noticeably happy, hopeful and confident about the future. I am so excited and grateful, to have you here and to grow and begin this journey with you.

Who is Chelsea Adaora ?, house of upbeat

All the time, we have to be true to ourselves- from making choices, to being selfless and yet have self-love. Sometimes life don’t go as we assume/plan and we ask various questions and sometimes we run into deep mistakes and regret we knew better.

This house vows to highlight silent issues/ questions that cross our mind everyday. Interactive and confidential sections where opinions, views, ideas, experience and suggestions are aired. Trust me, it gets better everyday. It’s major end goal is to bring self awareness, self peace, and self-love within every lovely person who come across this platform.

Do get inspired, connect and together we build.


Chelsea Adaora.

House of Upbeat.


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