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   Hey guys!!! Here is a new book I have decided to put up on wattpad. I wrote this book about four years ago(completed in 2016), when I had dark days and had little or no inspiration. Since then I have been thinking of  how this book would get to others. Thanks to wattpad!!! … And this can be achievable through your great assistance, you have no idea whom we might help. Please recommend to your friends and everyone. Thanks lovelies.

   I promise, this book has lots and lots of inspiration. I recommend it for you and your friends. I look forward to seeing your comments and hearing your thoughts(haha).

   Love you guys so muuuuuch….I hope you do get inspired!


How to stop depression and sadness @ house of upbeat

Most people just want to be like others. They forget who they are. They think something is wrong with them, when in reality they are perfectly fine. They fail to discover themselves and forget we all are not the same.

     I discovered that some  know the truth but are just ignorant and some know but can’t figure out where to start from.

No man on earth is without a gift or talent. If you say you don’t have, at least your life is a gift and you reading this is a talent. When you are able to discover yourself, you have to set out rules(not for others) that you must adhere to. You must be disciplined enough to do what is right.

Another aspect is that your association matters. You must choose the right people who would improve you (don’t worry all has been addressed in this book). Learning to use it wisely (talents) and connecting with God because he is the true source of wisdom.

How to dream big @house of upbeat

Your dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. It is what you’ll like life to become for you. It is a microscope through which we look at the hidden occurrences in our soul. Dreams are answers to questions we haven’t yet figured out how to ask. They are like the paint of the great artist. Your dreams are your paintings of the world in your canvas. Believing is the brush that converts your dreams into a master piece. Success is the work done by the brush manifesting the masterpiece.

How to be successful @houseofupbeat

     All our dreams can come to pass if we have the courage to pursue them. Empty pockets never hold anyone back,  empty heads and hearts do! I tried drawing out  how this works:


Other Qualities (passion, courage, persistence, patience, etc) ———————>>


Thinking ahead means planning. Creating your future requires planning. This means you have to ask yourself , ‘ Where am I at this point in my life? What do I want to be in the nearest future?’ . After that draw up your priorities and always stay on target, making sure the targets you made are very beneficial to you and achievable. Believe you can, successful people do not assume , hope or expect without doing these things. One thing you must never do is underestimate yourself. You should have self motivation because Success requires mining the golf in your mind. Never think of yourself as inferior!

       Majority of the successful people I know never began from the top. Eg,  Ben Carson. Some were never do-wells, but these people actually believed they could make it and they did. If you believe you deserve the good things in life, begin to unleash power that will make your dream a reality today. Of course it wouldn’t take just a day but every step will take you closer to achieve your dreams. Be. Strong. And. Take. Action!!!

Every chapter of this book has a unique teaching. Read on…as every new discoveries encourages you to become self dependent . It has the style of using the good-old ways to make you attain self love.


I would be posting Chapter one in the coming weeks.

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